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Read some excellent feedback from our clients

You’ve been a great friend, mentor and support to my whole family for many years now, walking Indy and Clover on so many occasions.
Mrs Jones –
Many thanks, Hugh. Both Tim and I are extremely grateful for all you have done for Ben. He is the same lovable Ben, but in many ways a different dog: calmer, less anxious, more obedient, fitter… The exposure to other dogs has been good for him, too, and I feel he has made friends with yours and the others you take for a walk.
Tim and Jeremy Garratt –
The Bourne
Hugh has been a great help for me with showing me how to stop my dog pulling on the lead.He has explained to me how to regain control of my dog by assuming the role of leader. He has come to my home with various dogs to teach the dog to listen to me despite the distraction created by the other dogs. This has been very helpful.
Zoe MacGillivray –
Wishing you and the Woody-Walks Team a happy and peaceful Christmas, and thanks from Freddie for making Friday his favourite day of the week.
Wayne and Dottie –
Thye Sands
Dear Hugh, Thank you for changing me from a very naughty dog to one who has learnt how to behave…….(Well most of the time) ! I love my walks, they are the highlight of my day! With lots of woofs, Harvey
Chris & Sally Rixon –
The Bourne
Sampson is a rescue dog, with some issues when out on walks or on the lead. Before meeting Hugh I had a real struggle finding someone who would try to understand Sam’s issues without just attributing buzzwords or labels to him. Hugh has already made fantastic changes to Sam’s attitude, particularly with other dogs. His advice has been simple and practical and Sam loves anytime he’s spent with him.
Jodi Hutchins (veterinarian) –
Thank you for all your hard work and help with Indy, we appreciate your time and care. Indy projects all the signs of a happy dog, thank you for the time you spend with her.
Elise Jones-Tilford –
Thanks again for your help. They are so much calmer now on walks, their recall is vastly improved and we feel we have much more control now as a result of your training.
Sue –
Now being the school holidays, the kids are able to take Kato out for walks. He is improving to be really obedient off the lead and good recall so thank you again.
Amanda Richardson –