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We now have an increasing number of dogs who are benefiting from carefully monitored group socialising and de-sensitisation. Working with small groups enables us to best cater for their individual needs.


Our charges for dog walking, behaviour and training can be found below

New Puppy Training Package

A 1-1 training consultation with you and your dog including family members.

Please contact us if there is a specific question that you have relating to our service you need a quick answer on.

Dog Walking

Where other dog walkers struggle, we excel, as our interest is in behaviour and will take any dog entire, large and giant breeds, rescue, reactive, anxious and make it our business to improve the quality of their lives once out with us. Sometimes we will walk multiple dogs from the same household and endeavour to keep pack size to a minimum.

Adolescent / Rescue / Adult Dog Training

As a trainee canine behaviourist Hugh is always amazed by the fact that over 90% of all clients he has visited have previously contacted a behaviourist or trainer. He suspects that what an owner is seeking, apart from the ‘quick-fix’, is someone to hold their hand and guide them and their dog through the abundance of mis-information online and outdated literature available. His approach is somewhat different from many other practitioners in that he likes to get to know the dog on a few occasions, in the owners home, out with a group of well balanced Woody-Walks ‘ambassador dogs’ or on individual walks before even beginning to develop a programme of modification. Having previously worked in graphic design and marketing, creativity is an important factor when implementing a behaviour modification programme as not all dogs are the same (surprise surprise).


We have helped owners puppies from 8 weeks of age build confidence of the world around them during the important socialisation stage of their early development. This involves setting up pleasant and novel encounters from traffic and cars to children, bikes, other animals and of course other dogs. Dog behaviourists are increasingly finding that issues that emerge in later life are often down to lack of early socialisation. Woody-Walks is blessed with many many clients whose dogs we consider to be safe and well balanced and have become ambassadors for young puppy encounters. We begin in the home introducing gentle play and familiarisation then move to the garden and when the pup is old enough we take them out into the real world on lead and introduce them with their owners to all manner of curiosities including strangers, open spaces, confined spaces, children playgrounds and from time to time horses and cattle. All sessions are recorded in order that their owners are able to take their time to pick through all the subtle body language and behavioural cues that their dog’s are sending out. We show owners how to read other canine signals of approaching unknown dogs and how to support and nurture their pups during these early encounters.