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“Thank you for putting the
wag back into my dog’s tail”

Mrs Palfrey

Dog Walker - Dog Behaviour Training - Surrey


We specialise in:

  • Obedience training including recall work
  • Adolescent/adult dog behaviour
  • Anxiety and self confidence issues
  • Socialisation and habituation
  • Rescue animals
  • Dog to dog reactivity
  • Improving a dog’s welfare standards
  • Large and Giant breeds

We offer a ‘walk and talk’ service where we assess your current skills and your dog’s responsiveness and show you how to improve this relationship to best effect.

Woody-Walks ensures that owners expectations and the welfare of their pets are always prioritised. Whether we are dealing with super-sensitive dogs, rescue and traumatised animals or exuberant and energetic characters we always consider what makes the perfect walk for each animal.

We are fully insured, Pet first aid trained and use air conditioned vans and equipment of the highest standard.