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Read some excellent feedback from our clients

"Many thanks for looking after Neo and Patch, they looked so well after staying with you and we wouldn’t trust anyone else to walk them."

Louise Anderson – Blacknest

"Thanks for all your help to date, you run a truly excellent service. "

Richard Rowbotham - The Bourne - Farnham

Thank you for your work, yes Milo has turned a corner and we'll keep working with him :)

Matt McCallum – Upper Hale, Farnham.

Hi Hugh. Just wanted to let you know we took Jake down to West Wittering early this morning. There were lots of dogs there. He did a bit of barking and jumping with only a couple and they saw him off. He went to say hello to others but that was it. Otherwise he was a brilliant dog. We used your techniques which worked, so we are delighted with the progress he has made with you to date. Thank you.

Clare O’Dowd. Wrecclesham

Hugh, I wanted to give you a success story. Clicquot today in the vets in the waiting room was a completely different dog, just amazing, she did brilliantly, I shall tell you more when I see you next week.

Geraldine - Rowledge

I want to truly thank you and your lovely team for all the help and expertise shown to me and my beautiful Rosie. She has come on in leaps and bounds (literally, eh!) and is a real treasure. I know I could not have accomplished her training without your help. I have recommended your services to several doggie people. I will keep in touch about Rosie's progress and hopefully catch up soon. Once again, many, many thanks to you all.

Diane Lewis - Upper Hale

Ted and I had some great times over the Easter hols. I have been giving him lots of grooming so he should look extra fluffy of late. He is so much more responsive during his walks and no longer runs off and he always now comes when I call him :-). I am extremely proud. Thank you to you and your team for putting in the effort with him. He is such a social dog and it is lovely to know that he is getting a good 'pow wow' during the day.

John Harrisson - Farnborough

"Hugh. Thankyou for doing such a great job of looking after our princess Roxy."

Grace Borthwick - Churt

"Just wanted to thank you for earlier-really valuable getting your thoughts and advice on how we can improve our communication with Marcy; and also a very enjoyable walk. "

Oli Sylvester Wrecclesham - Farnham

Thanks for allowing me to walk with you today and for giving me an insight into what you do. I was very interested to see how you cope with keeping so many dogs under control - and also to see how much they enjoyed being walked in a pack!

James Eaton – Farnham.

Thank you so much for the update Hugh and I am so impressed you successfully recalled Zante from a deer that was so close. I have been told that this is the ultimate recall and very hard to train . It makes me feel so much more confident that you have trained them so well. Our responsibility is now to keep up your good work.

Sue and Peter - Rowledge & The Bourne Green

I just wanted to say if you need to use Kai in any material for your course or for the website please do so, the difference in him is amazing from the sad little wolf that I brought from my old home to what he is now is simply amazing the fact you, Danny and your team have managed to even get him off lead and recall so perfect is jaw dropping. Thank you for all your help.

Raj - Bordon

Thank you Hugh, my Stan is having a great time with you and your team, as you know if Stan leaps on you he Ioves you! his excitement on going out in the new van makes our day.

Julie Hutton - The Sands

To all at Woody-Walks. Thank you for taking such good care of Ollie. Hope you enjoy the cake.

Stacey & Phil Kent - Tilford

"Thank you all for your incredible patience with him and all his antics over these past few months and years. We will all miss you very much. Roll on his ‘holiday’ in July with Steve! "

Emma Finney - Farnham

Now being the school holidays, the kids are able to take Kato out for walks. He is improving to be really obedient off the lead and good recall so thank you again.

Amanda Richardson - Rowledge

Thanks again for your help. They are so much calmer now on walks, their recall is vastly improved and we feel we have much more control now as a result of your training.

Sue - Aldershot

Thank you for all your hard work and help with Indy, we appreciate your time and care. Indy projects all the signs of a happy dog, thank you for the time you spend with her.

Elise Jones-Tilford

Sampson is a rescue dog, with some issues when out on walks or on the lead. Before meeting Hugh I had a real struggle finding someone who would try to understand Sam's issues without just attributing buzzwords or labels to him. Hugh has already made fantastic changes to Sam's attitude, particularly with other dogs. His advice has been simple and practical and Sam loves anytime he's spent with him.

Jodi Hutchins (veterinarian) - Charterhouse

Dear Hugh, Thank you for changing me from a very naughty dog to one who has learnt how to behave.......(Well most of the time) ! I love my walks, they are the highlight of my day! With lots of woofs, Harvey

Chris & Sally Rixon - The Bourne

The family and I wanted to give you something that summed up our appreciation of you being there for us and Barney when we fell apart. The photo of the dogs (including Hugo) running free on the beach taken last week, we all agreed, put into words perfectly.

Thank you again on behalf of Barney.

Nevine, James, Teds and Bianca xxx – Farnham

Wishing you and the Woody-Walks Team a happy and peaceful Christmas, and thanks from Freddie for making Friday his favourite day of the week.

Wayne and Dottie - Thye Sands

Hugh has been a great help for me with showing me how to stop my dog pulling on the lead.He has explained to me how to regain control of my dog by assuming the role of leader. He has come to my home with various dogs to teach the dog to listen to me despite the distraction created by the other dogs.

This has been very helpful.

Zoe MacGillivray - Farnham

Many thanks, Hugh. Both Tim and I are extremely grateful for all you have done for Ben. He is the same lovable Ben, but in many ways a different dog: calmer, less anxious, more obedient, fitter... The exposure to other dogs has been good for him, too, and I feel he has made friends with yours and the others you take for a walk.

Tim and Jeremy Garratt - The Bourne